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Since publishing the latest feature on Britpop, and the influence it had on music and me growing up, I thought I’d share my top 10 favourite records from the Britpop era. Go celebrate, listen to and vote at BBC 6 Music week of Britpop Jut falling out of the Top 10 (but hey, I had […]


Every few years, music journalists (and sometimes the mainstream ones) relive particular movements in popular music. Usually this is because of a particular anniversary. Sometimes it can be to commemorate the anniversary of when a genre begun. Or other times it’s the anniversary of a notable death – think Kurt Cobain and the nostalgia still […]


Brands continue to spend money on technology and up skilling staff – their aim to develop highly technical ‘social newsrooms’. Their goal is to become part of the conversation happening around them; they look to develop closer relationships over a longer time using content on social platforms. But do bigger brands translate their positioning into these […]


Stepping into the offices of the Guardian yesterday evening, you know that you’re stepping into a place which is still undergoing a transformational shift. An entity, unlike other mainstream media outlets, that isn’t driven by arrogance or ego. They simply report the news, and just the news. The face of journalism is changing, and the […]


Its steel mouth dropped to the ground with a vicious thud. The metallic jaws slowly opened to reveal the chewed up remnants of today’s Metro, whilst a wilted Walkers crisp packet, wistfully floated inside its dingy grey mouth – longing for an escape. I stumbled back onto the freshly polished floor, reeling from the acidic […]


It was a rainy, windswept Saturday night in the middle of Holborn: Central London near Covent Garden. Even though the rain plummeted to the floors – ricocheting off pavements and street-signs – there was something mildly enlightening about a winters haze, which gleefully intertwined with the evening light that crept closer. We sat in a […]


She gently nudged me, as I reached above her for the teapot. The kitchen was only compact; yet wonderfully ornate. We loved buying trinkets from local vintage shops. Flirtatiously she pressed her petite body against mine: wrapping herself in my arms. I took a deep breath. Her smell was sweet and pure, reminding me of […]


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